Summer School 2022

Summer School 2022

Our summer preschool program for 2½-6 years old is open for enrollment!

We will run two sessions: June 13 – July 15 and July 18 – August 19. Part-time and full-time options are available until the program is filled. Priority will be given to students who sign up for an entire session. However, individual weeks may become available after June 1st if space is available.

Care will be provided from 8:00-3:00 each day. $1140 Part time, $1900 Full time, One-time summer program fee: $25

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Openings for children 2½ to 6 years old

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Week 1: June 13-17 Earth Stewardship

We will be involved in a sustainable gardening project this week as we build a garden bed, plant seeds, prepare composting bins for our red wigglers, and learn more about farm animals. We will focus on our relationships to our food sources and how to be good stewards of the earth. We will use recyclable materials for our art projects and discuss the many ways we can ‘grow green’. We will introduce a variety of foods from the farmer’s market to sample. Our end-of-the-week project will be a neighborhood trash pick-up.

Week 2: June 20-July 24 Flowers & Insects

This week we will take a closer look at the flowers and insects in our world. Our projects will include patterns and symmetry found in nature, string paintings, life stages of insects and much more. We will end the week with a fun game of pin the insect on the flower. We will prepare an indoor habitat for caterpillars and watch as they emerge as adult butterflies before releasing them to our pollinator garden.

Week 3: June 27- July 1 Colors, Lines, and Texture

We will take our art supplies outside and create nature books. We will explore the texture on the bark of a tree, the outlines of clouds, and the colors of flowers through various mediums such as watercolor, printmaking, and colored pencils.

Week 4: July 5 – July 8 (No School 4th of July) Woodland Creatures

We’re off to the forest to look for tracks of our favorite woodland creatures during a scavenger hunt. Art projects will include simple sewing projects, a habitat matching game, building a clay beaver dam, casting animal prints, and an ecosystems game.

Week 5: July 11- July 15 The North Shore

We’re celebrating agates this week! We plan to create an agate watercolor mobile as a community project to add to our classroom. We will create personal My Neighborhood storybooks and our week will end with a picnic at the breakwater after a Lake Superior boat trip, weather permitting*.

Week 6: July 18-20 Camping

This is a short week! Join Miles and Marc for everything camping: setting up tents, making a picnic lunch to eat on trail, canoeing, folk songs around the campfire, and family cook-out .

Week 7: July 25 – July 29 Work of the Water

Weather permitting, we will celebrate water with sprinkler-day! Complete with tie-dyeing, sun prints, and popsicles. If it ends up rainy this week, we will swap weeks 7 & 8. Please send a white t-shirt to be used for tie-dyeing, as well a swimsuit and towel for water activities!

Week 8: August 1-5 Work of the Wind

We will observe a few science experiments this week which will help us understand how wind is made and the many ways we can observe this wonderful phenomena. Art projects will include making a paper airplane, flying kites, seed dispersal on the wind, and fun with bubbles.

Week 9: August 8-12 Work of the Sun

Hoping for a sunny week as we plan to cook hot dogs in a solar oven, make sun tea, stained glass crafts and more!

Week 10: August 15 – 19 Work of the Earth

Volcanoes, glaciers, rocks, and digging in dirt piles. We will look for igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks as we spend the week outside taking a closer look at land formations. Close-toed shoes required! We will take a trip to Gooseberry Falls, weather permitting*!

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