Our Mission

Our mission is to bring high-quality educational daycare to Northern Minnesota. Our educational daycares will use the Montessori methods to stimulate the next generation of young minds. We believe that Montessori is the best method to support the natural development of the human being and instill a lifelong love of learning.

Educational opportunity and excellence are integral to economic development and sustainable communities. Engaging a child during the most important developmental period in the child’s life will help foster independence, promote brain development, maximize the potential of the individual, and cultivate our next generation of leaders.

Renaissance Schools is focusing its efforts on providing its Edu-Care Program to low-income and rural communities. We believe that providing top quality Edu-Care to these often neglected communities is the best way to close the achievement gap and promote healthy, sustainable communities.


  1. That every child can succeed, as an individual, in his or her own individual ways.
  2. That our schools can and will change lives, change communities, and change the world.
  3. That toughness, persistence, and resilience are important; and so are kindness, respect, and elevation of the human spirit.
  4. That the status quo is not good enough; that we can, we will, and we must improve.