Welcome to the first step of joining Renaissance Schools! Please find on this page, a link to download the pdf form of our enrollment documents. Please fill these documents out and either mail them to PO Box 3277 Duluth, MN 55803 or call 218-260-0605 or 218-340-5546 to hand them over in person and schedule a tour. We don’t want the enrollment application sent electronically as there will be sensitive information within the application. The tour will be approximately half-hour to an hour, afterwards either hand in the application, take an application, and/or set a date for an interview with the guide, Renaissance Schools’ administration, and yourselves. Please note that we cannot look after your child during the tour or during the interview, please be sure to find an arrangement for your child to have care, while you are with us. After we have processed the application, we will contact you about acceptance to our program.


Renaissance Schools’ Staff

Renaissance Schools Application Package 1
Renaissance Schools Application Package 2