About Montessori

“The Montessori Method of education, developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, is a child-centered educational approach based on scientific observations of children from birth to adulthood. … It is an approach that values the human spirit and the development of the whole child–physical, social, emotional, cognitive” — American Montessori Society

The Montessori method emphasizes self-guidance from the child, exploration of the senses from the child, and engaging educational play that teaches, not just entertain the child. Renaissance Schools will incorporate the Montessori method into our curriculum, because we feel that it embodies the best approach to teaching every individual child and giving every individual family high-quality educational child care. The Montessori method is best at reading, writing, and arithmetic. Renaissance schools will add to that: a foreign language; kinesthetics; and music education. We believe that combining these together will give each and every child a better chance and opportunity to guide themselves forward.

Our teachers will act as guides in the classroom. They will not be at the front of the classroom, while the children sit in desks. Instead, each child will have the opportunity to explore the area freely and constructively. A teacher or guide will be on hand to help, support, and nurture the students. The older students when ready will teach the other younger students and the teacher will guide all students in group activities. An outdoor playspace and field-trips will be made available as well, because exploring the natural environment is an important aspect of childhood.

Renaissance Schools will let each child guide themselves.

Renaissance Schools takes the Montessori philosophy of self-guidance and engaging play to heart. Our guides and assistants will not only all be educated into the Montessori method. But, we believe that each teacher and assistant should guide the curriculum of their classroom. To that end, each teacher and assistant will incorporate the language and music traditions that they and the family are most comfortable. We believe that every child is unique, every family is unique, and we wish to guide to the best of our ability every single person involved with Renaissance Schools, from the families to the child and to the guide.

In Renaissance Schools, we learn about the child and guide their development by letting them guide themselves. Montessori Method is a pedagogical method about learning from the child to learn what to teach them next. Our philosophy at Renaissance Schools is to learn from the child about how best to guide their development. Our guides will create for each child a plan to guide their development, areas the child will work and play in, while the child develops. Montessori aims to develop the child from birth to 5. In our program, our aim is to develop the whole child for a better positive life outcome.

In Renaissance Schools, the child is the instigator of their own learning. The guides only aim the child in the direction, but the child disciplines itself and learns from the environment and from their peers how to learn. The child does not need someone to lecture them, but to guide them with example and to instigate within them the desire to learn. That is the Montessori method: the child exploring the environment and themself.

The whole child is developed in the years 0-6 years old. That is the focus of Renaissance Schools. We wish to help guide the whole child in development. This guidance at the youngest years are the most important, because they will be the foundations of the adult that the child will become. Language, reading, writing, and personality are all set by the age of 6. It is important that the child learns how to learn and how to behave within this period. Montessori aims to create the environment in which the child learns important life skills and to develop themselves. It is a period of great learning for the child and Renaissance Schools’ guides guide the child in that time.

The child is a diligent observer and a hard worker. The child works diligently to absorb the environment, to explore the objects and to understand the world around them. Renaissance Schools works to provide a child with a place to learn and explore in order to grow and develop. That is the heart of the Montessori Method. Observe the child as the child observes and explores their environment to learn.